Sewing Machines


Sealed type direct drive needle bar mechanism - Dust free and oil-leakage-free are due to entirely sealed needle bar section design. - Direct drive needle bar system leads to high speed and long durability.No driving loss of connecting-rod-drive needle bar system.
Active lubrication system Needle bar and upper looper mechanisms are applied active oil supply and entirely sealed vacuum oil return system. The new system exceeds the traditional oil supply of rope type and dropping type.


The Recessed Machine Bed - With the recessed machine bed, sewing material comes closer to the needle hole, thus provides more precise, easier, and smoother sewing.
Brand New Top and Under Trimmer - The newly designed pneumatic, electric top & under knife combination have fast, stable and precise. Trims thread neatly. Handy operation, easy to adjust.
New Oil Sealing Technology - New oil sealing structure used on needle bar and looper mechanism can efficiently avoid oil splash. New wear-resistant material also enhances performance and durability.


Upper Thread Holder - Newly designed auto trimmer trims precisely and stably.
The Recessed Machine Bed - The sewing material is closer to the needle and the sewing is precise, which makes sewing operation easier and smoother.
Cover seaming with adjustable folder, flexible presser foot, accommodate wider range of sewing items.
Auto trimmer with newly designed pneumatic / electric trimming system trims precisely and stably, lower sound and easy to adjust.