Fabric Cutting Machines

CYG Auto Cutting Machine

  • Reduce maintenance time and extend life by dust collection equipment.
  • Lower noise, longer life by Synchronous belt drive rather than chain
  • L Shape clothing, optimized structure on transmission shaft of C axle for steady working.
  • New energy saving pump with lower noise, capacity and power.

CYG Auto Spreader Machine SM-IIA

  •  A highly adaptable, higly accurate spread for super efficient work
  •  A tension free spread is made possible by the conveyor belt anti-system
  • The position of the Fabric loading device is set low to enable personnel of any height to unload the material easily
  • The width-feeding function is installed in three places for a clean, stress-free spread
  • the servo motor’s running and material send-off mechanisms allow for accurate spreading
  • Grinding of the cutting device is automated, maintaining a sharp cutting edge
  • The spreader length can be easily set from any position on the spreading table by the gear belt and the encoder specification